Dat Thanh Phat Company Limited

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Introduction company
Enterprise name:  Dat Thanh Phat Company Limited
Investment License No.: 4102032075 issued on July 29th 2005
Address: 1/217 D Bung Ong Thoan Street, Tang Nhon Phu B, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City.
Tax Code: 0303925325
Represented by: Pham The Thanh
Position: Director

Before, the company was a workshop of mechanical process and construction, named Dat Thanh, established in 1998. Specialized in process, fabrication of  mechanical structures, heavy industries
Installation and fabrication of tanks, construction of civil and industrial works
The main products are: Pre-engineered steel building, trusses, handrail, iron door, factory chimneys, marine shells, and tanks ...

In July 2005, we carried out the procedures for conversion into Dat Thanh Phat Engineering Construction and Trading Company Limited. ( Dat Thanh Phat Co. Ltd)

During the operation, we constantly invest and enhance in all aspects. Up to the present, the total assets of the company is estimated at 50 billion VND.

We have established good rapports and trustworthiness to major domestic and international partners, including many areas with strict engineering requirements and high level of professional.


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